4th Machine Learning and AI in Bio(Chemical) Engineering

Democratising Machine Learning in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Hosted by the University of Cambridge
06-07 July 2021

The Conference

Two Days of Powerful Talks
06 July 2023
09:00 am

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Abstract Submission

The 4th International Conference on Machine Learning and AI in (bio)Chemical Engineering will take place online on July 6-7, 2021. The theme for this year is "Democratising ML in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering". We are requesting abstracts for posters and talks related to this theme. Potential topics/submissions include but are not limited to:

  • Software implementations of key methods

  • Experimental case studies using ML

  • Method development, particularly those that simplify user experience

  • Benchmarking of ML methods


Abstracts may be up to 400 words and optionally include one explanatory figure. We emphasise that abstracts should include sufficient introduction for newcomers. The deadline for submissions is 7 May 2021.


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Cambridge CB3 0AS 

United Kingdom


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